Lead Infuser will help you automate portions of your sales process while including the human touch to increase revenue predictably. We have a team of experts working behind the scenes dedicated to helping your business grow and thrive.

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Today's fast-paced business landscape calls for innovative approaches to increase engagement and conversions. Our team is dedicated to developing exactly those solutions – bringing together leading experts from different fields and leveraging resources to achieve tangible results.

Our cutting-edge technology provides a platform to help your business grow quickly and efficiently, propelling it forward on the path to success with strategies that acquire highly qualified and valuable clients reliably and consistently and increase business efficiency and profitability.

We are a family-driven company, deeply committed to helping businesses reach their full potential.

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  • We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, boasting over two decades worth of experience in sales, marketing, design, user experience, and technology.
  • We are a family-driven, woman-owned business
Lori M Dean

Meet Lori M. Dean

Lori Dean is an experienced entrepreneur with 20+ years of expertise in design, user experience, sales, marketing, and technology. She founded Lead Infuser, a service provider dedicated to helping businesses acquire and retain clients on autopilot and increase efficiency in prospecting and sales.

Lori has perfected her system through extensive research and development of strategies for sustainable growth — allowing businesses to reach new heights and sustainably grow. Backed by a team of developers and a knowledgeable support team, Lori leverages her experience to craft tailored solutions that will help you take your business to the next level with ease.

Her commitment to providing highly effective solutions for growth makes her the perfect partner for your business success. Lori believes wholeheartedly in empowering entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales teams to embrace the changing technologies so they can effectively attract and retain more clients and stay competitive in this ever-changing business landscape. Book a consultation today if you are looking for a reliable partner who will ensure your business reaches its fullest potential!

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