How a website backup saved the day

September 22, 2021

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Today, I’m going to tell you a story about how a website backup saved my friend’s website from being lost forever. My friend’s website had over 1,000 articles and all would have been lost if a backup was not saved. Here is how it all took place and how the issue was quickly resolved.

It was a cold winter day on February 18, 2020, when my friend’s website was hacked. Whoever did it wiped out all of the databases, which contained years of articles — over 1,000 posts that she published going back to 2008. I happened to notice her site was down and let her know right away. She was already aware of the situation and working on it.

Just imagine how she would have felt if she did not have a backup and all was lost. Years of articles and comments from followers gone for good. It would affect all who follow her blog posts too. Many refer back to past articles. Other blogs and websites also link back to her site. Not only that, the time invested to design the site would all be gone. This could have been a horrible situation if she did not have a backup. Even though she knew she had a backup, there was a moment of panic when she saw everything gone.

Fortunately, having a website backup saved the day. She was so glad to have a backup that she could use to restore the site quickly. The site was set to automatically back up daily. She was able to restore the site from a previous backup prior to the hack taking place. Once the backup was restored it was as if nothing had happened. What a relief to be able to restore the site so quickly without losing anything.

While a backup is always important. It is also important to have security set up on your website to avoid being hacked in the first place. We’ll talk about that more another time. My friend manages her site on her own and now has learned the hard way that security is also very important. Any website is at risk of being hacked, which is why website security and backups are so important.

All of this taught my friend how important having backups are and she was so glad that she had the wherewithal to set up daily backups for her site. She was able to get her website back without many of her readers noticing. She wrote a blog post about it and everyone was happy that she was back online.

Lori M. Dean

Lori Dean is a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant who helps roofing contractors attract and convert highly motivated leads. She does this through empathy-driven ad campaigns and strategic follow-up systems. This approach enables her clients to build trust, educate prospects, and grow their businesses effortlessly. With a deep appreciation for the trades and a family background in various trade businesses, Lori is motivated to help roofing contractors generate more qualified leads, increase their revenue, and have more time to enjoy with their families.

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