Upbeat branding for a new startup

Lucid Drums had a unique product and quality service but they didn’t have a brand to share their story

The Challenge

Lucid Drums was a startup needing a logo and branding to promote djembe drum sales and repair. The business was just an idea without a name at that time. We needed to create the name, write branding copy to create the business’s brand story, and design a logo and business cards to pass out to hand drummers at live events.


Branding, content creation


Our Approach

The name Lucid Drums was selected as a play on lucid dreams, but it also reflected the clear crisp or lucid sound that the drums are known for. The business cards and social media graphics include an image of a Lake Erie beach in the background, a place where many djembe drum circles in Cleveland take place. The back of the business cards includes handy instructions on how to tune a drum using a specific weave called the Mali weave. It’s a helpful guide and a good reason to hang on to the business card. Metal stamps were created by hand to go on every drum made so you would know you have a Lucid Drum. T-shirts and stickers were also created and are often given with custom drum purchases.

The Results

Lucid Drums has been growing and becoming well-known in the djembe drum circles with its recognizable brand. Famous djembe drum players have requested Lucid Drums to make their drums. They have become a trusted brand for creating custom djembe drums and completing repairs.