8 Strategies for Growing Your Email List

March 11, 2023

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The Benefits of Growing Your Email List: Why It Matters and How to Start Today

Having an email list is a vital way for any business to stay connected with its customers. An effective email marketing campaign can result in increased sales, higher customer satisfaction, and improved brand loyalty.

But when it comes to building your email list, it can be difficult to know where to start. With all the fancy tricks and tips on the internet, it can seem overwhelming to try and get started.

Fortunately, there are some simple yet effective strategies you can use today to finally start growing your subscriber numbers.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Prominent Signup Form

Having a clear and prominent way for readers to join your email list is an essential part of any email marketing strategy. Your signup form should be easy to spot, without having to scroll through your entire website. Consider using pop-ups – but use them sparingly as immediate pop-up entries have been known to push readers away from the site. If you opt for pop-ups, make sure they are timed or based on how far a user has scrolled down the page.

2. Add A Signup Form to Blog Posts

Adding a newsletter signup form to your blog posts is essential for growing your email list. This could be as simple as a form that informs readers about the newsletter and how they can access more great content. To further incentivize people to sign up, you can offer a content upgrade such as a checklist, guide, or other resources in exchange for subscribing. This will give readers more motivation to sign up and encourage repeat visits and engagement with the website.

3. Use a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an invaluable part of any marketing funnel. It’s a great way to deliver value to potential customers in exchange for their email addresses. A lead magnet can be used in various forms, such as a PDF download or an email course. With the right lead magnet in place, you can create a powerful incentive for visitors to provide their contact information and help grow your list.

4. Create Great Content

Creating great content is key to growing your email list. Not only should the content be valuable and informative, but it should also be “shareable” and engaging enough to encourage readers to spread the word among their friends and colleagues. If you can consistently produce top-notch content, then you will see growth in your list as well as an increase in engagement and brand loyalty.

5. Encourage Social Sharing

Adding sharing options to an email is a great way to encourage social media engagement. Buttons that directly share an email via platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are a great start. You could also give your readers the option to email a friend, providing a more personal touch while still increasing the reach of your content. Social sharing can be an excellent way to build brand awareness and increase engagement with readers.

6. Get Referrals

Referral programs can be an effective way for you to increase the reach of your email newsletter. Tools like Sparkloop make it easy for readers to send referrals and also incentivize them by offering rewards such as products, services, or merchandise. It’s a win-win situation – readers get something valuable in return for referring others, and your reader gains more subscribers.

7. Social Media

Social media is an excellent way for you to share the content from your email newsletter and drive more engagement. You could repurpose the takeaways from each edition in the form of a Twitter thread, Instagram carousel, or Facebook post – all with a CTA that links back to your newsletter signup form. This gives readers a chance to explore the content further while also offering an opportunity to sign up for future updates.

8. Email Signature

Email signatures can be a great way to consistently remind customers that they should sign up for your newsletter. A simple yet effective link in your email signature will appear in every message you send, offering readers multiple chances to explore the content further and subscribe.


Building an email list is essential for any business that wants to connect with their customers. It’s a great way to reach your audience and provide them with valuable information while simultaneously growing your subscriber base. While the internet is full of tips and tricks on how to build a large email list quickly, the most effective methods are often simple yet still very powerful. By utilizing tactics such as sharing content on social media and including links in email signatures, you can start building your subscriber numbers without needing to learn complicated techniques.

Lori M. Dean

Lori Dean is an expert in design and technology with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in sales automation and lead generation, Lori uses advanced AI tools to create custom solutions for diverse businesses. Her background in user experience design ensures her systems are not only efficient but user-friendly. A leader in her field, Lori is committed to driving growth and innovation, helping businesses harness the power of AI and automation to boost their revenue and increase profitability.

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